Silicon Power C80 64GB (SP064GBUC3C80V1S)



The dual flash drive for Type-C ready mobile devices Featuring dual interfaces of USB Type-C and standard Type-A, Mobile C80 can be applied for new-generation devices with USB Type-C ports. USB Type-C, the universal interface of the future, enables easy usage with reversible connector design that allows users to plug the drive into ports no matter which way up it is. Instant storage expansion, easy file transmission Many users may suffer from relatively few and specific expansion slots of new-generation mobile devices, and it is costly for additional storage space. The C80 offers up to 64GB for instant capacity expansion. Without constraints of internet signals and different kinds of cables and adapters, users can enjoy much easier and faster data transmission. 360° swivel cap design The sturdy 360° swivel cap is designed to protect the connector from outer harm when it is not in use. Moreover, the zinc alloy casing features a sandblasting treatment that enables delicate touch and provides superior resistance to scratches and fingerprints. Ergonomic circular shape Inheriting from the modern look of Jewel J80 and Firma F80, the C80 retains the ergonomic circular shape design on the end of the drive that allows an easier and more comfortable way to use and grasp, additionally, it can be perfectly fitted on a keychain that fixes the problem of storing a drive. SP File Explorer App manages your files smartly Mobile C80 offers the exclusive free-download App-SP File Explorer, which is a file management app for your Type-C and Android™ smartphone or tablet. In addition to the intelligent function of automatic file categorization, the app provides “one-touch backup” by which you can back up files stored in your mobile device with a simple touch only.

Producent: Silicon Power

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